2015 Pacesetter Award Presented to Mass. YAC


Steve Monaco is presented with the Pacesetter of the Year award from MAIA Chairman Ray Sirois.

The Young Agents Committee was presented as the 2015 recipient of the Henry F. Barry, Jr. Memorial Pacesetter of the Year during The Big Event, MAIA’s Annual Convention and Trade Show.

The Pacesetter, MAIA’s most prestigious award, is typically awarded to an individual in recognition of their contributions to the independent agents of Massachusetts. MAIA Chairman, Ray Sirois, broke with tradition this year to present the award to the Young Agents Committee as a group, citing the “enthusiasm, dedication and commitment of the committee in enhancing the involvement of hundreds of young agents”. He expressed gratitude for the “committee’s outstanding efforts in expanding opportunities of young agents to be more involved in MAIA and IIABA activities”. He also recognized the committee’s national standing and acknowledged the three awards earned from IIABA’s national young agents that have recognized the committee’s efforts in growth, communication and staff leadership.

The members of the Massachusetts YAC are honored to be recognized in this way and are wholly appreciative of support we have received from the leadership at MAIA, the Board of Directors and from agency principals that encourage their young agents to participate and become active in the industry.

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