A member of the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) who has worked in the insurance industry for less than FIVE years or is 40 years of age or younger. A “young agent” does not have to be a licensed producer.

The committee shall consist of no more than 20 members including a chairperson, co-chair, and past chair. Insurance company representatives are eligible for membership on the committee, but may not serve as Chairperson. The staff liaison will notify the committee of meetings. The past chairman will remain on the committee for an additional year and may continue thereafter until he/she no longer meets the qualifications of a young agent.

Committee members should intend to make all scheduled meetings and events. Committee members must notify the staff liaison or co-chair if they are unable to attend for any reason. Additionally the Committee may create subsequent sub-committees and appoint additional responsibilities to committee members. These may include: Treasurer, Secretary, Social Director, and Charitable Director.

The purpose of the Massachusetts Young Agents Committee is to encourage young agents to get involved with and be aware of the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) and provide a viable source of new talent to operate within a training ground, for the development of future leadership to MAIA.


  • To perpetuate the support of MAIA.
  • To promote involvement in, and awareness of, local and state activities of the MAIA.
  • To develop leadership abilities of young agents in Massachusetts.
  • To maintain an effective means of communication between the Young Agents of Massachusetts and the MAIA Board of Directors.
  • To maintain an effective means of communication with other young agents in the state.
  • To conduct and maintain a financially self-supporting young agents committee.
  • To promote involvement in national activities of MAIA and the IIABA.


  • To increase awareness of Independent Agents and Young Agents in Massachusetts.
  • To provide educational and networking events throughout the year.
  • To present a Young Agent of the Year Award.
  • To conduct the Agent/Company Golf Outing.
  • To participate in community building activities and other social causes.