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Getting Active
If you are working in the insurance industry in Massachusetts, are under 40 (or have less than 5 years of experience) and are a member of MAIA…then you are a Young Agent. No additional fees, forms or registrations.

What YACs are Saying

How to become an Active Young Agent:

  • Make sure you are on our YAC Mailing List. Complete the contact form at the bottom of the page or email Melissa Murphy.
  • Stay up to date on committee activities on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Attend YAC Events.
    • Most events are free of charge and are great opportunities to network with other young agents and company folks. Check out pictures of our Past Events.

Why Should I get Involved? 

  1. Meet other Young Agents who are working and living with the same issues, concerns and goals that you have.
  2. Build friendships and network within the industry.
  3. Meet, network, and build relationships with company folks and vendors.
  4. Gain a better understanding of, and work with, your state association.
  5. Become informed in all aspects of your profession and build your resume.
  6. Become politically engaged at a state and national level.
  7. Become an industry advocate and encourage other young people to become an insurance professional.

Read YAC Testimonials from current & past Young Agent Committee members about what they have gained and why they stay involved.

As a new young professional to the insurance industry I was grateful to become a part of the YAC group. Because of their networking opportunities I have met many other people in the industry and continue to see the same faces time and time again. This group does a terrific job and making everyone feel a part of the group and strives to provide an easy integration into the industry. The YAC not only provides fun networking events but also promotes continuing education and learning about legislation topics pertaining to insurance. I encourage all new young insurance professionals to check them out and look forward to meeting them at the next event! Alexis Kimball, Brownstone Insurance