Learning Series Recap – Sales Habits with John Chapin

Habits of the Successful Insurance Agent – Setting yourself up for success with John Chapin
May 15, 2014

Thanks to those of you who joined the Young Agents Committee last Thursday evening at Mezcal. Our second Learning Series event was well attended and we were happy to see many new faces. And thank you Renaissance Alliance for sponsoring the evening.

That night we asked John Chapin to give us his thoughts on what it takes to be a successful salesperson in insurance right now and in the future. He was quick to mention that you determine your own success and to get there 1. you can’t shy away from hard work and 2. you can’t be afraid (and will likely need to step out of your comfort zone on a regular basis).

Here are a few of the bullet points from John’s talk:

  • Care deeply about your community, clients and potential clients
  • Believe in your abilities and your product
  • Look for ways to help people
  • Find ways to set yourself apart from the competition
  • Talk about your business with others and get people to ask about what you do
  • Build strong networks wherever you go
  • Follow up relentlessly
  • Work harder than anyone else

A Point of Discussion:
A few of us did take issue with what John said about putting in HUGE amounts of hours. While no one was shunning hard work, the notion that it’s all long hours, nights, weekends and time away from friends and family to make it happen seems outdated.

A regular schedule that can often be flexible is seen as a major perk for many agents. Unlike peers in other sales and consulting fields, agents can often make it to Little League games, dance practice and community obligations. (And more than a few find time for the golf course). Do clients really expect your personal attention and expertise at 3pm on a Sunday? Unless their house is burning down, probably not. However, they do expect to be able to research your company, your offerings and find some pricing information whenever the urge to Google you might strike.

The successful agent of the future most likely won’t be physically knocking on doors. Instead they’ll be actively participating both online and offline to establish themselves as an expert while streamlining their processes to be more efficient and helpful to their clients and their agency co-workers.

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What is the Learning Series:

YAC is planning a series of talks in the coming year, focused on providing pertinent business development and industry content to active, involved young agents. This program will offer discussion on a relevant business topic facilitated by a speaker or panel and include networking with fellow agents as well as seasoned professionals in a small group setting. Afterwards you’re invited to join the group for a drink and continue the conversation…

We welcome questions in ADVANCE of each session to better address each topic and make sure you get the most from your time!
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