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Congratulations to Paul Ostrander of KW Insurance (pictured with Melissa Murphy in the top left) for winning the InsurPac raffle. Thanks to his voluntary contribution, he’ll be practicing at Pinehills before the tournament!

Another great evening with the Massachusetts Young Agents on March 26th at Marcellino in Waltham.
This “Break Out Networking Event” featured Patrick Hellen, the Community Manager at local cloud security start-up, CloudLock, Inc. We asked him to talk to the group about “How to Think Like a Start-up”. He was very candid with our crowd of 50 young agents and company reps about his lack of insurance knowledge, but that didn’t stop the discussion. He clearly did some research and hit a few points about communication, productivity, continual improvement and looking toward the future.
During the Q&A he also helped facilitate some great questions about cyber liability and risk management from the perspective of an enterprise level security firm.
We asked Patrick, and Tiffany Aasted, CloudLock’s Marketing Director, to share the apps he mentioned and what they use to boost productivity both at home and at work.
  1. Pocket (Save articles online to read anywhere offline. Syncs to all your devices.)
  2. Twitter (You know this one)
  3. IFTTT (Make all your apps talk together and work for you automatically)
  4. Evernote (Takes notes anywhere on any device. Paid & free versions.)
  5. Wunderlist (To-Do list app)
  6. Box  (Cloud based storage)
  7. Dropbox (Cloud based storage)
  8. Tweetdeck (Tracking and organizing Twitter)
  9. Trello (Organization)
  10. Slack  (The next wave of office communication)
  11. Pixlar (Photo Editing)
  12. Canva  (Dead Simple Graphic Design)
  13. HootSuite  (Free versions available.)
  14. SimplyMeasured (Free templates)
  15. HubSpot (Free resource for great content and templates)
Here’s the YAC spin on this…
a. We know that most agents are bound to working in their agency management systems most of the time
b. Security of your client’s private personal information must remain one of your concerns.
c. These may not be right for your business
But if you were starting an agency tomorrow, how would you improve the workplace model? You may not be able to JUMP with all of these platforms right now, but you should be staying on the trends. And you should be exploring to see what you can integrate into your personal and work life to make them work smarter.
If you’re interested in learning more about CloudLock’s security solutions, send Patrick an email and he can get you some more information.
Thanks again to our very generous sponsors Quincy Mutual for making this evening possible!

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