Why Every Young Agent Should be Involved


AJ Marchionne, Chris Dupill & Pat Dempsey at the 2013 Big Event

Here’s why some of our Young Agent Committee Members became involved, and why you should, too.

As a new young professional to the insurance industry I was grateful to become a part of the YAC group. Because of their networking opportunities I have met many other people in the industry and continue to see the same faces time and time again. This group does a terrific job and making everyone feel a part of the group and strives to provide an easy integration into the industry. The YAC not only provides fun networking events but also promotes continuing education and learning about legislation topics pertaining to insurance. I encourage all new young insurance professionals to check them out and look forward to meeting them at the next event!
Alexis Kimball, Brownstone Insurance
I am involved with the YAC to network, keep current, learn from my peers, and be politically involved. Involvement in YAC has allowed me to
1. To network with other young agents in the industry facing similar challenges
2. To keep current on the industry trends and hot topics
3. To learn from others especially about new technology
4. To learn about how politics and our industry are so intertwined. Then to get more involved to make sure our clients and independent agents are accurately represented at both the state and federal levels of government.
AJ Marchionne III, CIC, Albert J. Marchionne Insurance Agency, Inc.
To develop, network, and educate young agents within the Insurance community in order to further the growth, knowledge and sustainability of our industry. Matthew Bordenca, Regan Insurance Agency, Inc.
I recognized that young professionals in the insurance industry were in the minority. It was difficult to find an identity in the industry, but by joining the young agent group I was able to meet peers who were tackling the same challenges.
Since joining the young agents I have made invaluable connections that have led to new business opportunities and a better ability to assist my customers. On top of that I have made friendships beyond that of networking.
Serving on the committee has offered me the opportunity to take leadership roles and establish myself as a viable member of the insurance agent community. The knowledge gained from these positions has been invaluable.
Patrick Dempsey, Dempsey Insurance
I got involved with Young Agents to Help shape the future of the independent insurance agent. YAC provides excellent opportunities to
Learn from peers, Learn by mentoring others, Develop industry contacts, Hone your networking skills, Develop your leadership skills, and Get involved with the MAIA.
Ben Cavallo, C&S Insurance Agency

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