Young Agents Invitational Golf Tournament – May, 2013

The Young Agents welcomed 128 golfers on to the course at Blackstone National Golf Club on Tuesday May 21st. Golfers tee’d off at 1:30 for 18 holes in sunny 80 degree weather. There were plenty of smiling faces as young agents from across the state, event sponsors, and company partners competed for bragging rights and their name on the official YAC Tournament Trophy.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had plans to finish the day with a severe thunderstorm that left the club house, literally, in the dark. The tournament washed out after 11 holes, but most of our golfers stayed upbeat and stuck around as we pulled the raffle prizes.

As promised, the Young Agents will be hosting a make-up day on September 24th. Registered golfers of the May 21st tournament have been invited to play YAC Golf 2.5, The Mulligan Tournament.

View more photos of the day here.

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